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School Policy

Providing authentic Ayurvedic online education

School Policy

Attendance Policy – Ayurveda Wellness Counselor

Since students will be accessing courses through the online program, students are required to complete and review the courses, quizzes and other online material for all 9 courses

Academic Schedule

Students can enroll in the Online Academic Program and begin classes at any time during the year, all year round. The program duration is 9 months from the beginning of enrollment.

Students may request in writing an approval for an extension of the online program to the Mahima Institute.

Student Records

Students may be able to view their student records on their online account or request it in writing from the Mahima Institute faculty and staff. Mahima Institute of Ayurveda will keep student records for up to 5 years. You can request your student record at:

Mahima Institute of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine
10651 N. Kendall Drive, Suite 201
Miami, FL 33176


Mahima Institute of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine is geared towards professional learning and training. We ask that students adhere to online training materials for lawful purposes.

Termination Policy

Should the course be cancelled or terminated after the student has begun the courses, the Institute may retain a percentage of the total tuition based on the following:

•   A student who has been authorized a Leave of Absence, and he/she did not return on the scheduled return date.

•   The course/account is terminated for violation of any published academy policy.

Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence may be taken by the student for up to 2 years with a written notification and permission. You can contact the school at Mahima Institute of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine, at:

10651 N. Kendall Drive, Suite 201
Miami, FL 33176
Phone: 1-844-MAHIMA1

Once the student commences class, he or she may start at the point where they took Leave. The student is still under obligation to make tuition payments unless other arrangements are made with the Institute.

Financial Aid

Mahima Institute of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine does not offer state financial or federal financial aid; however, we do offer a 9 monthly payment plan and it is the student’s decision to obtain any loans thereof for the program and he or she is responsible for any financial loan repayment to that institution.

Transfer of credits and credentials

The transfer of credits and credentials from another institution to Mahima Institute is at the discretion of the managing staff of Mahima Institute and will be reviewed by the Director and the faculty upon approval. Credits from institutions accredited by AAPNA will be fully accepted.

The transfer of Mahima Institute credits to other institutions other than AAPNA approved institutions will be at the discretion of that institution. In the event it is not accepted, some remedial coursework might be required at that institution. We encourage our students to meet the required goals and necessary course work/attendance requirements as stipulated by Mahima Institute school policy.



Tel: 1 (844) MAHIMA1

Email: info@mahimainstitute.com

10651 SW 88th St. Suite 201
Miami, Florida 33176