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Ayurveda Health & Lifestyle Coach – 450 Hours

The first year is the certification program to become an “Ayurveda Health & Lifestyle Coach.” This pro­gram is geared to provide the student with the fundamental theories and practices that are the basis to the other two levels.

As an Ayurveda Health & Lifestyle Coach, the student will have basic understanding of Ayurveda’s nutrition, herbology, diagnostic techniques and other fundamental principles.

Course Description

To become an Ayurveda Health & Lifestyle coach you must first understand the fundamentals of Ayurveda as it pertains to the essence of life. These ten courses create the building blocks of Ayurveda, preparing you from the ground up for the journey you’ll take as an Ayurveda Health & Lifestyle coach. Each course will teach you an integral lesson in Ayurveda that will enable you to apply to yourself and to those around you for the betterment of your health and wellbeing.

Ayurveda History and Philosophy

Course No. MIA 100 | Program Ayurveda 1 | Prerequisite: None

As we delve into the science and understanding of Ayurveda, students must first understand the core principles and foundation on which this remarkable science is based on. This philosophical system called the “Shad Darshan,” or six philosophies, presents the deeper aspects and foundation principles of Ayurveda. This course will allow you to understand the role that the great sage Kapila Muni played historically in the refinement of Ayurveda, as well as the influences of Buddhism. This course will also review meditation and Sanskrit within the Ayurvedic context.


Understanding the Chakras

Course No. MIA 101 | Program Ayurveda 1 | Prerequisite: MIA 100

In this course, students will explore the energetic vortices of the physical and subtle bodies to have a greater understanding of the self. These energetic vortices represent our transformative energies, which allow for the transformation of our body-mind spirit, and also support us on all levels of life. A greater understanding and appreciation of these forces will give you a greater understanding of life’s subtleties.


The Creative Element – Prakriti

Course No. MIA 102 | Program Ayurveda 1 | Prerequisite: MIA 101

This course will also explore the cosmic evolutionary forces of Prakriti from its initial cosmic vibrations to its transitory states expressed in the physical aspects of being. Prakriti is not just considered our mere physical constitution, but the cosmic components, which are the building blocks of our physical form.


Five Elements – Panchamahabhutas

Course No. MIA 103 | Program Ayurveda 1 | Prerequisite: MIA 102

The foundation of life as described in Ayurveda is based on the Five Elements and the ability to achieve a state of balance. These Five Elements are the building blocks of the macrocosmic universe as well as the microcosmic representation in the human body. Sometimes called the gross element, it is the evolving state of the subtle elements of Tanmatras.

Ayurvedic Physiology 1 – Understanding Vata Dosha

Course No. MIA 104 | Program Ayurveda 1 | Prerequisite: MIA 103

Doshas or (dosas) are the subtle manifestation of the five elements within the cosmic interplay. It describes our congenital traits, such as body shape and structure, emotional states, eye color, etc. On a physical level, it also manifests imbalances within the body through the by-product of disease in the form of nervousness, phlegm, inflammation, as well as other factors. In the West, the most common understanding of Ayurveda are the three Doshas. These three dynamic forces, or biological characteristics, are synergistic blends of the five elements in their individual capacities, exhibiting individualistic attributes in our lifestyle, behavior, and attitude. Here we will gain a greater understanding into Vata dosha and the foundational aspects of its being as well as the resonating effects it has on our existence.

Ayurvedic Physiology 2 – Understanding Pitta Dosha

Course No. MIA 105 | Program Ayurveda 1 | Prerequisite: MIA 104

This course will allow you to have a more precise and concise understanding of Pitta dosha from a physical, mental-emotional to psycho-spiritual level. It will present the transformative attributes of Pitta as well as the evolutionary aspects of its qualities and propensities.


Ayurvedic Physiology 3 – Understanding Kapha Dosha

Course No. MIA 106 | Program Ayurveda 1 | Prerequisite: MIA 105

Kapha dosha will be the topic of this course, highlighting kapha and its structural attributes. Here you will be able to understand and appreciate the beauty and enjoyable attributes of kapha as it relates to life and our appreciation of life.


Ayurvedic Physiology Understanding the Dhatus (energetic layer of our being)

Course No. MIA 107 | Program Ayurveda 1 | Prerequisite: MIA 106

The fundamental building blocks, which cohesively bind together to form the structure of the human body, are called the “Dhatus.” There are seven of these physical dhatus in the body. Each one feeds and transforms into the other in a dynamic, yet synchronized, manner. These seven dhatus, or tissues, which have their origin from the absorbed nutrients and energetic transformation of the pancha-mahabhutas or five elements, are responsible for rooting our spirit and mind to our physical being.


Agni, Prana, Ojas, Tejas

Course No. MIA 108 | Program Ayurveda 1 | Prerequisite: MIA 107

This course will discuss the metabolic and transformative fire that resides within. It will also enlighten you on the critical role agni has in the creative process of extracting the refined essences of the doshas, which are the Ojas, Tejas and Prana.

Dinacharya, Ritucharya, (ayurvedic lifestyle) and Home Remedies

Course No. MIA 109 | Program Ayurveda 1 | Prerequisite: MIA 108

In order for anything to grow, it must be properly nourished with the right resources and nutrition. Ayurveda uses nutrition and food as its primary healing method, and medicinal therapies. This course will explore rudimentary facts about the cosmological connection between nature and the abundance of nutrition, as well as beneficial herbs and plants that support the wellness of our being. This course discusses simple and basic practices to create an elemental balance in maintaining perfect health.

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